Gnarled Cypress Short Films

About Gnarled Cypress

The Comedy and Short Movie Producers

Have you ever seen a really random movie or short film that didn't really make any sense? Or maybe you have even seen a movie that left you thinking about how it was made in the first place. Or maybe you've even seen some pretty awesome short movie that left you feeling like you could rule the world!

Well that's what we do here at Gnarled Cypress Productions. We are a filming company that can create the most out of this world videos for other people's enjoyment. Please check out our latest films on the Films page.

We are a short movie and film company based in Los Angeles, California. We make very high-quality, original, and mostly comedic films. With our Minute Man Crew ready to film at any moment, we can complete these movies quickly and proficiently. Our purpose is to bring free video entertainment to the public and increase our skills as directors and videographers.