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Gnarled Cypress Animated LogoGnarled Cypress is a short movie and film company based in Los Angeles, California. We make very high-quality, original, and mostly comedic films. With our Minute Man Crew ready to film at any moment, Gnarled Cypress can complete these movies quickly and proficiently. Our purpose is to bring free video entertainment to the public and increase our skills as directors and videographers.

Please view the presented short Movies and Videos that are currently on the website. More are being filmed and uploaded weekly, so keep your eye out for the new films! We have filmed about 30 short films, and more are in development. Gnarled Cypress has written, directed and produced Ultimate Padel, The Ad, The Call, Dysfunctional Dynosaurs, CCV Video, The Flight of the Big Bug, Short Movie, The Call, yaD sdrawkcaB, The Interview, Midnight, and Many More!

To view all of our Short and Comedy Films, Check out the Archive

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